SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs

SWAR Doctor is committed to safe and secure application for all your healthcare needs


CARE at HOME is a home healthcare service provider with a difference. The core purpose is to deliver 'Healthcare outside hospitals' in the right way. The main focus is on clinical excellence coupled with superior patient experience at an affordable cost.


Medical clinics can be operated publicly, privately, or by the government. A medical clinic is a type of facility that’s focused on outpatient services. Being an outpatient means that you can go home after you receive care.


To book the Telehealth appointment, check the Location, check the available Time slots, offers, accepted insurance, select the call option video call or voice call. Confirm the booking and make the payment method. View the booked appointments in the calendar daily wise and weeks wise. Patients can cancel appointments and view the status of an appointment. Patients shall filter and search appointments..


The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (abbreviated as AYUSH) is purposed with developing education, research and propagation of indigenous alternative medicine systems in India.


A special offer is a marketing term that refers to a unique opportunity for customers to save money or receive a special benefit, product, or service. Special offers are hard-sell techniques designed to acquire customers and sales with incentives or through pressure.

Improve the Quality of Healthcare & Increase Profit

Yes! We are making it happen to you 

1. Digitally printed prescription and medical reports
2. Easy to access patient records for all treatment
3. Stay connected with patients from anywhere in the world
4. Patients can book appointments for consultation in a clinic or telehealth


Reduce Wastage:
1. Cloud storage reduces document storage space and administrative staff
2. The notification service reduces patient waiting time and space 
3. Digital token reduces administrative burden. 



Hospitals made easy

Tie-ups with pharmacies, labs, nursing units with acute care, scan centers, etc., made it possible and easy.

Like specialized scan centers, the world will see the rise of specialized surgical units.

The SWAR Modular concept is staying ahead of time!

Using our state of art integration service, the clinics can tie up with the nearest specialized service centers on a profit-share basis instead of operating internal pharmacies. As a result, cuts down on space, inventory, staffing, and overheads.

For example, your nearby pharmacy could be your in-house pharmacy. The prescriptions from the doctor are automatically sent to the nearest pharmacy, which facilitates the retail pharmacy to deliver medication to patients without having to go out and search for medicine.

Similarly, the lab requests can go to outside labs, which can collect the samples and issue results to the clinic and patients online.

The specialist pharmacies, labs, and scan centers take care of quality service, while the administration hospitals provide health care that is profitable and high-quality.


Private Practice Simplified

Be a Formal and Professional Doctor all the time!

Professional consultancy or second opinion to patients of all nature, including near and dear, is simple. 

The futuristic concept is designed to enable Doctors, Specialists, etc., to serve the world as individuals associated with hospitals and healthcare service providers.

To minimize using social media like WhatsApp for professional service, we are providing the following features;

1. Doctors can display their professional profile along with related contact details

2. Make your availability / free slots known to all patients

3. Use a state-of-the-art digital consultation room to serve patients all the time using mobile phones, iPods, or computers.

4. Accept digital payments. Minimize free consultations unless it is for a noble cause

5. Securely have the records of all your past consultation records to stay up to date with your patients all time


Serve the globe

Doctors and Clinics can stay connected with patients anywhere and serve their patients across the globe. Our vision is that healthcare should be borderless, which is achievable if healthcare service providers across the world join us.

Healthcare redefined by the people for the people will provide equitable healthcare service to all in the world, irrespective of where the people are



The software’s main purpose is to enable an individual and small clinic to get empowered to practice with the help of simple, workable, adaptable, and reliable software. This will ensure that patient care is made easy and properly streamlined.

Create your account. The basic service is free. If you choose the digital payment option, simply subscribe as a professional user.

You can operate from anywhere in the world. Doctors need to comply with the law of the respective countries.


You can build your career without having to depend on corporate hospitals. Instead, make your private practice rewarding.


We bestow SWAR Doctor to only selected healthcare providers with distinguished service. Enroll yourself in our app. We shall evaluate your credentials and social standing before bestowing the SWAR Doctor Certificate.

email to admin@swardoctor.com

We are using the Microsoft Azure platform along with encryption. In addition, the login is only using OTP. These two steps ensure safe and secure data protection.


You can access your patient records from anywhere worldwide using the secure OTP sign-in process. All data stored are encrypted.