The World population has reached 8 billion. The total number of doctors in the world is approximately 10 million. The overall ratio is not a concern but an unequal distribution. SWAR Doctor, as an organization, is confident that we have a solution for the world 

The World Health Organization’s available statistics show that over 40% of WHO Member States report having less than ten medical doctors per 10 000 population.  (Over 26% report having less than 3). Moreover, health workers are distributed unevenly across the globe. Countries with lower relative needs have the highest numbers of health workers, while those with the greatest disease burden must make do with a much smaller health workforce. For example, the African Region suffers more than 22% of the global disease burden but has access to only 3% of health workers and less than 1% of the world’s financial resources. Our mission is to ensure affordable and accessible quality health care for people worldwide. 

Our vision is to empower people across the globe with digitalized information and easy access to their healthcare data, from inception to lifetime records, for better healthcare decision-making worldwide. We are engaging healthcare providers for easy appointment scheduling and advanced clinical software for patients as a unified platform. We are not limiting our endeavors here but expanding to the pharmacy, labs, healthcare engineering, and more. Creating such a platform shall ensure equal opportunities for all countries and their respective people. Service to humankind without biases is our passion.

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